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Servercow - hosted mailcow, KVM based virtual servers, web-hosting and more.


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For commercial support contact info@servercow.de.

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You can find screenshots on Imgur.


The integrated mailcow UI allows administrative work on your mail server instance as well as separated domain administrator and mailbox user access:

  • DKIM key management
  • Black- and whitelists per domain and per user
  • Spam score management per-user (reject spam, mark spam, greylist)
  • Allow mailbox users to create temporary spam aliases
  • Prepend mail tags to subject or move mail to sub folder (per-user)
  • Allow mailbox users to toggle incoming and outgoing TLS enforcement
  • Allow users to reset SOGo ActiveSync device caches
  • imapsync to migrate or pull remote mailboxes regularly
  • TFA: Yubi OTP and U2F USB (Google Chrome and derivatives only), TOTP
  • Add domains, mailboxes, aliases, domain aliases and SOGo resources
  • Add whitelisted hosts to forward mail to mailcow

mailcow dockerized comes with 12 containers linked in one bridged network. Each container represents a single application.

  • Dovecot
  • ClamAV
  • Memcached
  • Redis
  • MySQL
  • Bind9 (Resolver) (formerly PDNS Recursor)
  • Postfix
  • Nginx
  • Rmilter
  • Rspamd
  • SOGo

6 volumes to keep dynamic data - take care of them!

  • vmail-vol-1
  • redis-vol-1
  • mysql-vol-1
  • rspamd-vol-1
  • postfix-vol-1
  • crypt-vol-1