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Please find the most frequently asked questions with their corresponding configuration in data/conf/ejabberd/ejabberd.yml (if any).

  • I do not want to run ejabberd, is there a SKIP_XMPP variable?

No, there is not. But you don't need one either.

The xmppd behaves the same way as SOGo or Solr do when disabled. A shell will be idling and ejabberd will not be started (but open unconnected ports).

As soon as a domain is enabled for XMPP, the container will be restarted and ejabberd bootstrapped.

ejabberd is very light on resources, you may want to give it a try.

  • Are messages stored on the server?

Not by default. The default setting is to disable the message archive via mod_mam but allow users to enable the function if they want to:

    clear_archive_on_room_destroy: true
    default: never
    compress_xml: true
    request_activates_archiving: true
  • Are uploaded files stored on the server?

Yes, uploaded files are stored in the volume xmpp-uploads-vol-1.

The retention policy saves them for 30 days:

    max_days: 30
  • Are messages stored when a JID is offline?

Yes, up to 1000 messages are stored for "normal" users and administrators:

    1000: admin
    1000: all
  • Are messages written in group chats stored?

No, messages are not stored:

      mam: false
  • Are group chats persistent when the last participant leaves?

No, they will vanish:

      persistent: false
  • How many client sessions can be open at the same time?

10 sessions are allowed per session.

  max_user_sessions: 10