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SOGo is used for accessing your mails via a webbrowser, adding and sharing your contacts or calendars. For a more in-depth documentation on SOGo please visit its own documentation.

Change Theme

As of December 21 2018 we removed our custom themes due to complains about missing colors in some address book and calendar sections. Some other problems were still existing and would not be fixed in the near future (switching colors on login screen, for example).

mailcow builds after 21 December 2018 can change SOGo's logo by replacing data/conf/sogo/sogo-full.svg. After you replaced said file you need to restart SOGo and Memcached containers by executing docker-compose restart memcached-mailcow sogo-mailcow.

Connect domains

Domains are usually isolated from eachother.

You can change that by modifying data/conf/sogo/sogo.conf:


   // SOGoDomainsVisibility = (
    //  (domain1.tld, domain5.tld),
    //  (domain3.tld, domain2.tld)
    // );
...and replace it by - for example:

    SOGoDomainsVisibility = (

Restart SOGo: docker-compose restart sogo-mailcow

Disable password changing

Edit data/conf/sogo/sogo.conf and change SOGoPasswordChangeEnabled to NO. Please do not add a new parameter.

Run docker-compose restart sogo-mailcow memcached-mailcow to activate the changes.