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SOGo is used for accessing your mails via a webbrowser, adding and sharing your contacts or calendars. For a more in-depth documentation on SOGo please visit its own documentation.

Change Theme

You can change SOGo's theme by editing data/conf/sogo/sogo.conf. Per default it uses a blue theme, which you can change e.g. to a green (non-default SOGo-green) theme. More colored themes will be supported in the future. After you edited said file you need to restart the SOGO container with docker-compose restart sogo-mailcow or via the mailcow UI.

Example (data/conf/sogo/sogo.conf, line 17):
SOGoUIAdditionalJSFiles = (js/theme-blue.js);

SOGoUIAdditionalJSFiles = (js/theme-green.js);

SOGo default:

You can change SOGo's logo by replacing data/Dockerfiles/sogo/sogo-full.svg. After you replaced said file you need to rebuild the container by executing docker-compose build sogo-mailcow and start it with docker-compose up -d sogo-mailcow.