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Mailbox users can tag their mail address like in They can control the tag handling in the users mailcow UI panel. mailcow mail tagging settings

Tagging is also known as 'sub-addressing' (RFC 5233) or 'plus addressing'

Available Actions

1. Move this message to a sub folder "facebook" (will be created lower case if not existing)

2. Prepend the tag to the subject: "[facebook] Subject"

Please note: Uppercase tags are converted to lowercase except for the first letter. If you want to keep the tag as it is, please apply the following diff and restart mailcow:

diff --git a/data/conf/dovecot/global_sieve_after b/data/conf/dovecot/global_sieve_after
index e047136e..933c4137 100644
--- a/data/conf/dovecot/global_sieve_after
+++ b/data/conf/dovecot/global_sieve_after
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ if allof (
   envelope :detail :matches "to" "*",
   header :contains "X-Moo-Tag" "YES"
   ) {
-  set :lower :upperfirst "tag" "${1}";
+  set "tag" "${1}";
   if mailboxexists "INBOX/${1}" {
     fileinto "INBOX/${1}";
   } else {

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