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Password hashing

Fully supported hashing methods

The most current mailcow fully supports the following hashing methods. The default hashing method is written in bold:

  • SSHA256
  • SSHA512

The methods above can be used in mailcow.conf as MAILCOW_PASS_SCHEME value.

Read-only hashing methods

The following methods are supported read only.

  • SHA512-CRYPT

That means mailcow is able to verify users with a hash like {PLAIN-MD5}1a1dc91c907325c69271ddf0c944bc72 from the database.

The value of MAILCOW_PASS_SCHEME will always be used to encrypt new passwords.

I changed the password hashes in the "mailbox" SQL table and cannot login.

A "view" needs to be updated. You can trigger this by restarting sogo-mailcow: docker-compose restart sogo-mailcow